Jay’s Holiday Visit!

As you might know, I’m from Ontario, Canada. But my boyfriend, Jay? He’s from Pennsylvania. So the fact that he drove here on November 27th to spend five days with me is quite a big deal. (Hint for any non-US readers: that was their Thanksgiving.) Since it’ll be way too snowy for him to come here for Christmas itself, and since he missed out on bird day because he was driving, my mom actually cooked our family a turkey dinner last weekend so that we could celebrate a holiday with him–even if it wasn’t ‘technically’ ours. (Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October.)

Aside from the weather he faced on the way down mother nature totally cooperated. We went to Kingston twice–the first time to do some Christmas shopping at the Cataroqui Mall and the second time to watch Mockingjay Part 1 (which we both really liked.) We also did lots of running around in town: we probably went to the Napanee Walmart five times, we went to Union Burger twice–once by ourselves and once with my brother Shawn. We had two McDonalds’ breakfasts. I tried a McGriddle for the first time. It tasted interesting but … weird. I can’t decide whether or not I actually liked it. I went with the much safer Sausage, Egg & Cheese McMuffn the second time.


A long standing Jay & Kat tradition: the “first day” breakfast.

But by far our favorite meal out during the visit had to be lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries on our last full day. I mean c’mon! Look at this food!


I was nearly done my burger by the time Jay took the picture!

Jay got the Little Burger with Bacon and I got the Little Bacon Cheeseburger. We’ve made the “mistake” of getting Five Guys full sized burgers and totally not being Β able to finish them. Don’t get me wrong–they’re fantastic. But wasting food, especially their fries–which we love–is not. As for those fries, I’m sure it’s pretty obvious in the picture that we shared a large. And according to Jay there were as many in the bag as there were in the container. That’s just awesome.

We had our Christmas presents for each other purchased by the end of our second day, but we put off actually opening them up because we wanted to do that under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately,. things just didn’t turn out that way. At least we did get pictures! Want to see what we got?


My nickname is Mao (think a cat noise) so this stocking was perfect for me!


Jay loves penguins, so we bought this stocking for him. πŸ™‚


Tim Hortons White Pomegranate Tea–my favorite!


The Dragon Age: Inquisition strategy guide. Witness the power of trading in games. πŸ˜›


My beautiful new tea maker! ❀

If there is anything in life that a cup of tea can’t make better, I haven’t found it yet.


Dragon Age: Inquisition. Maybe this game will actually keep Jay busy for a while? πŸ˜‰

We also learned some interesting things as gamers this visit:

1. Watching someone else play a Dragon Age game is way less interesting then actually playing the Dragon Age game.

2. I like Hyrule Warriors, a game which I had absolutely zero interest in prior to Jay visiting. He’s lucky he had it digitally on his Wii U–it would have stayed with me otherwise. πŸ˜›

3. Kat and Smash Bros do not mix. I love the characters and the art style is really cute, but I can’t beat Master Hand on easy mode, which means I can’t really get anywhere. What happened to your story mode for single player, Nintendo?! It’s what I bought the other games in this series for. I’m still debating whether Smash needs to get traded or not. It’s frustrating to pay $65 and tax for a game and discover I may not like it / be able to play it.

Overall, though, I think that Jay and I had a beautiful visit filled with lots of laughs, love and fun. By some form of good fortune I wasn’t very sore while he was here, so we got to go out and do a lot of fun stuff. I can’t wait for it to be time for him to visit again. ❀


While all the world wants everything,

All I want for Christmas is you!